Syrinx Call - The Moon On A Stick CD

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Syrinx Call- The Moon On A Stick

Syrinx Call's music achieved a lot of positive response from the press and also from listeners. Spurred on by their success in the WDR 2 band competition "Musikszene NRW", where Syrinx Call was voted three-time weekly winner by listeners, Volker Kuinke and Jens Lueck began working on a follow-up album. The project's second album was released on May 11, 2018, titled "The Moon On A Stick."

Volker Kuinke comes from Moers on the Lower Rhine and now lives in Düsseldorf. His great passion, besides ballooning (he won, among others, the Gordon Bennett Race, World Championship Long Distance in Gas Ballooning in 1991, as well as the European Cup in Gas Ballooning in 1999 and 2004), is music. He has been playing the recorder since his childhood and owns an extensive collection of instruments of all sizes and shapes.